Simply Natural’s Alan Winstead Named President of Coclé APEDE

The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) opened its newest chapter in Coclé In October with Alan Winstead as President of the Board of Directors.   Mr. Winstead’s executive experience comes from being a founder and President of Simply Natural Farms.

“Leading the Coclé chapter of APEDE is a tremendous opportunity to promote citizen and business participation in public policy, integrate Simply Natural’s plans to improve agricultural opportunities and contribute to the sustainable development of our country,” said Mr. Winstead.

One of the objectives of the Coclé APEDE, is development of medium and long-term plans that result in better public policies for economic growth and development.  These proposals will be presented to candidates for elected positions in the province.  Since its foundation in 1958, APEDE has contributed to the development and economic progress of Panama, through the promotion of business activities.

With the goal of becoming the world’s largest producer of organic fruits and vegetables, Simply Natural Farms is a USDA certified organic and conventional fruit and vegetables company, operating multiple organic farms and exporting around the world, as well as supplying the local Panamanian market.  “’We farm for a better world’ is more than our motto,” said Mr. Winstead.  “It is Simply Natural’s vision, our philosophy and how we do business.”

Mr. Winstead was sworn in by the President of APEDE Nacional, Mercedes Eleta de Brenes.  “As APEDE we are interested in the best men and women, from all over the country, to join our organization and promote participative leadership that contributes to the growth of their regions,” said Eleta de Brenes.