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Evie Brooks

Evie Brooks

Attention Producers: Evie Brooks is a seasoned Investment educator with 27 years experience as an investor and educator, having built a portfolio both domestically and internationally of over 45 properties and a net value of over $31 mm. Evie has spoken as a keynote speaker in over a dozen countries from S. Korea to Canada.

Evie’s experience as a Rich Dad Poor Dad educator for 11 years exposed her to the international market having taught in Costa Rica on the benefits of becoming an expat and investing internationally. Evie left Costa Rica to pursue the Panama City, Panama Market in 2012. Evie has been hosted on dozens of business, lifestyle, financial and real estate podcasts and radio shows sharing valuable insight on the desired topics of “Plan B”, becoming an ex-pat, clean green agriculture land opportunities, health related issues to living in Panama and more. The passion of this market flows through her veins and it is her life’s mission to educate others on this incredible life choice.

How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio Internationally That Could Change Your Future!

WHY NOT… invest in International Real Estate and Agricultural options?


  • STRONG GDP for the last decade
  • City living for 1/2 the cost of Miami, LA or Toronto
  • Ease of building a real estate portfolio without financial limitations

  • Understanding Why the $$$ is made in the buy not the sale
  • How to use your IRA to own real estate overseas
  • What is all the buzz of becoming an expat
  • Short-term, mid-term, long-term and legacy investment strategy
  • How to access owner finance without credit requirements to build your international portfolio
  • Clean green agriculture options
  • How to find and participate in 7 – 15% annual ROI from a distance, hands-off!


Evie’s years of Real Estate experience provides a mentor type relationship to help you in achieving your dreams of living abroad part time or full time without breaking the bank. Evie is a walking encyclopedia on how to create your 2nd career or just how to become an expat. Which one is right for you?

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