Our VIP Boots on the Ground experience, if all about educating on this market, helping those that want to be expats, or just have an international “Plan B”.  Since COVID 19 we have changed our VIP experience from a group of 14 to a group of no more than 4 people.  However our cost has remained the same, you receive a very personalized experience with one on one training and a customized tour of Panama.   Since it is very customized we focus on what is important for you as far as type of investment, if getting a residence is of importance, if you’re looking for a permanent residence or a 2nd home / vacation rental type property.  We focus on helping you understand the ROI expectations for each type of investment and if you are intrigued with Agriculture investments.   

In addition to the tour, you receive 4 nights accommodations at a very exclusive condo, we take you out to see the culture and experience the amazing dining experiences in Panama.  If you’re up to it, we even take you for a little Salsa Dancing Lessons.  

We are here to help you accomplish YOUR goals and make sure you are educated to make a decision that is right for your personal goals!  We look forward to seeing you in Panama.  

For more information and to schedule a custom timeline for your personal tour, please fill in the info below and we will be in touch with you within 1 – 2 business days to schedule your adventure!