Wiley Livingston Jr MD
Wiley Livingston Jr MD
Birmingham Alabama

I received with pleasure a request to describe my relationship with Evie Brooks and will give a brief time line of that relationship. I 1st met Evie in Birmingham Alabama a number of years ago when she was involved in real estate Education classes.  At the time I had tentatively ventured into rental real estate ownership, but wisely recognized my own lack of experience and when the opportunity arose to work with Evie in a client-mentor relationship I joined up.  Since that time have been Hosted in her house in Georgia, traveled with her To Panama on several occasions, and engaged in real estate partnerships both in various states in the USA as well as Panama.

I have watched her host tours in that overseas location and one over riding quality is apparent-Evie puts her clients first always.  She is working 24/7 not simply to get them the best real estate deal and return on investment, but to make sure that her clients are comfortable and safe.

I have seen her work a full day, finally reaching a time in the evening that she can relax, pull up the laptop and do a little research, only to get up from a comfortable position to assist elderly clients who are having some difficulty. In addition Evie is good company.  She has met (and worked with) my children and friends.  There are no guarantees in real estate particularly in the surreal political and financial environments which exist today, and not all deals are perfect, nor should they be expected to be.  Predicting the future is impossible.  What I can say is that Evie is as honest as they come, and will do her best for her clients to succeed.  I also like the way she thinks outside the box, never being quite content to pursue a successful path, when there may be others that lead to even better results.

Her character values match mine nicely.  If a potential client is seeking a smooth and guaranteed Road to real estate riches I would recommend staying away from real estate entirely.  If one is willing to handle the ups and Downs of partnering in real estate, then I think Evie is your person.  I do not think that either of the two of us anticipated the friendship  that would develop over the years that we have worked together, and I believe it is been to both of our benefit.

I have had a lot of fun, and a few anxious moments, buying and selling real estate and traveling to places that otherwise I would not have seen.

Good luck in your quest.

Randy and Debbie

I first contacted Evie Brooks and mypanamavacationrealty.com team when were interested in buying a unit in The Sands in Panama City. We wanted a specific unit and had tried another real estate agency without any luck. Evie and her team were able to find the unit we wanted. They helped us through the purchase process, which went smoothly although the building construction was delayed because of Covid.  We next joined Evie and her team in Panama City for a real estate tour. The tour was fantastic and we invested in Subsidized Housing project, which has paid out just as promised. During this tour, Evie introduced to a law firm in Panama City that we have used for obtaining residency, drivers’ license and a local bank account. The law firm is excellent. We are now in the process of finishing and furnishing our apartment in The Sands. Evie and her team helped us through the delivery process of the apartment which was more complicated than we had anticipated. They have found the contractors, obtained quotes, and are finishing the apartment. We are very pleased with all of the help that Evie and her team have provided. I can recommend Evie without hesitation.

Regards, Randy and Debbie


We started exploring Panama as a “Plan B“ country as well as a potential warm and sunny place to spend time during the winter back in 2016. That same year we met Evie at a conference in Panama City. We were immediately impressed by her enthusiasm and vast fund of knowledge about Panama.  Evie was also a good listener,  enjoyed educating us and was a clear, straightforward communicator. 
We went on a fun and informative “discovery tour“ she led and have continued to work with her ever since. 
In 2021, we happily got our Panama “residency”.

We have repeatedly and continuously worked with Evie. She helped us find pre-construction condos, and a perfect place for us that’s beautiful and located just where we wanted that we call our winter home. 
While Panama beaches and beach life is famous, we love the mountains, hiking, walking, and birding. Recently we’ve ventured farther out and enjoyed the flower and coffee festival in a mountain town called Boquete. It’s famous for both the flowers and some of the world’s best coffee.  We loved both. Our favorite outing from Boquete was a guided bird watching day with a local bird watching expert.  We saw the elusive quetzal, many hummingbirds, and countless other birds up close through the powerful spotting scope of our guide. Our friends love the up close videos our guide recorded by placing our cellphone cameras over the eyepiece of the spotting telescope.  For us, it was an experience of a lifetime.
Evie is a straight shooter and there for us as her clients. Just one example is how she continued to regularly communicate with us during the Covid pandemic. Many other people in similar roles to Evie’s remained silent  and much less in communication with clients during those difficult times.
Finally, Evie is fun to spend time with. During our last stay in Panama City, the three of us took a Salsa lesson – our first ever in Panama – and it was a blast.  A  beautiful rooftop sunset dinner after the class polished off an amazing evening.

Warmest regards

Loren Roseth, Panama Investor and Panamanian Resident. 

I would like to give a personal thanks and appreciation Evie Brooks who I met through Access Panama . She is an excellent addition to their very talented team of professionals. I would also like to give out my personal recommendation to Evie Brooks as your personal guide for investment in real estate in Panama. I took her VIP TOUR in 2017. I was interested in seeing what kind of pre-constructions were available in and around Panama City which is my favorite city in the world. She not only showed me and other interested participants several properties which were amazing, but also worked out a detailed analysis of each showing the incredible financial potential they had. She went over individually with each of us and tried to match our goals and personal lifestyle needs. She was amazing! Very sharp and personable. She is very excited about her work and the opportunities she has available. Evie has been involved with international real estate for many years and is an expert in her field. If you think Panama is a place you might want to invest or retire in, I highly recommend you sign up for her VIP tour. I have personally purchased two properties as a result of working with Evie Brooks that are being developed and built by one of the largest developers in Panama. Truly beautiful properties which you must try and see for yourself. Live out and make your dreams possible by having the best relocation specialist (Evie) in all of Panama show you how it can be done.

KC Arntson-Morgan, Vic Ohinski 

When I first met Evie, what impressed me was her knowledge of the real estate market. When she showed me Royal Palm condos and went over the numbers, I knew I would buy. With her guidance I bought into Costa del Estes preconstruction project as well. Her passion for real estate is contagious. She is well connected in the real estate markets in Panama, representing quality developers. Evie introduced us to the best developers and their projects in Panama which has been helpful keeping us informed on the the progress of the developments and what is happening in Panama What was very helpful when we first met was her suggestions on banking, getting a visa and getting lawyer to make your life easier. She definitely is high energy. She is available to answer your questions promptly. Listen to her and learn.


Dear Evie, Wanted to thank you for opening your beautiful house to us. Our trip was nothing less than spectacular. Your kitchen was perfect for our culinary needs, stocked comfortably to cater to any culinary desire. We enjoyed it so much that we found very little reason to leave. We very much look forward to coming back soon. And a huge Thank you to Genevieve who made our stay extra special! Thank you for all your kindness and hospitality. Sincerely Ahin and Lia


Talk about luxury! This place have EVERYTHING you could possibly need for a relaxing time at the beach. The condo was spacious for two couples and just a short walk to the beach! Genevieve was very helpful and easy to get a hold of with questions and for checking in/out. If you are looking for a modern condo with plenty of space, this is the place.


Wonderful apartment with great ocean and golf course views. It was very comfortable, clean and was very well decorated. Matt and Mitzi were very friendly and made sure we had everything we needed. I would definitely recommend this apartment to anyone looking for a great, comfortable place right next to the beach. Hope to stay there again soon!


Great location !!! Everything brand new, perfect equipment of the condo. Luxuriuos environment with Pearl Club and Westin Hotel. Beautiful beach and nice view from the condo. The hosts were very friendly and gave us a lot of helpful information. Panama City is very close and easy to reach. We enjoyed every minute of our stay and are planning to come back asap.


Perfect stay. Fast replies from owner, beautiful views from a new apartment, and all the access to the Westin Resort. Although taxis are always available at the hotel, having a rental car is highly recommended. Albrook Mall (20 mins away) is one of the biggest in the Western Hemisphere, the Miraflores Locks (20 mins away) are a requirement for any Panama vacations, and dinner in Amador Causeway (10 mins away) is memorable. Without a doubt, this apartment is a true gem.

Beth, Danny, & Emma 

Evie, We had an amazing time! So beautiful & relaxing. The sunsets and sunrises were spectacular. A real treasure! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Steve Smith 

Loved the view of the forest and your VERY comfortable apartment. Great refuge from the stress of the city and easy access tot he canal sites. Used the gym, sauna, & pool everyday. Has to be one of the most comfortable places we have stayed near the city. Thanks so much!

Caty Smith 

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in such a beautiful place. We had an amazing and relaxing time here! It is beautifully decorated and has a wonderful view. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Once again, thank you VERY much!

Alejandra Avila 

Thank you, Evie for this perfect vacation spot. I had a lot of anxiety going to Panama – new country, my struggles with the language and mostly, this trip was to meet my long lost half sister. Casa Bonita was an amazing way to let the stress melt away and spend quality time with my sister. Everything we needed was here at our fingertips and made it so easy to just relax. I do hope we get the chance to come back here year after year. Thank you again!

Yael, Brad, Charleigh Meir, and Alice

Evie, What a beautiful condo and complex! It was the perfect way to end our trip to Panama. The pearl club pool and beach was so great, we almost didn’t even want to go into town to explore! Everything was well stocked: comfortable beds, beautiful kitchen and the views – spectacular! Thank you for such a great stay! We hope to be back soon!