Simply Natural Farms CEO Addresses UN Sustainability Conference

Simply Natural Farms CEO, Brian Angiuli, was tapped to give a presentation on their water-saving SupPlant technology and sustainable water use at the UN Harnessing Innovation for Sustainable Development conference held in New York.  SupPlant ( a member of the Simply Natural family of companies headquartered in Israel.  

Through Implementation of “smart agriculture,” our unique SupPlant artificial intelligence system reads data every 10 minutes taken directly from sensors implanted in the tree trunk, additional sensors in the ground and attached to leaves and fruit, along with weather stations located on-site.  Special algorithms analyze the data to determine when and how much water to supply to the crops through a specially designed drip irrigation system. 

According to the World Health Organization, by 2025 half of the world’s population will be facing water scarcity.  With 70% of water in developed countries and 90% in developing countries being used for irrigation, farm sector water conservation is a critical concern.  SupPlant technology decreases water usage by 30% while increasing yields 5-10%.  That’s a win-win in a world where water has become a scarce resource! 

The conference Mr. Angiuli participated in is related to the national review process of some 40 countries on their implementation of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.  SupPlant was one of a half dozen organizations selected to participate on behalf of Israel. 

SupPlant’s autonomous irrigation system, known as Growth Based Irrigation (GBI), allows farmers to “talk” to their plants by gathering volumes of data, which is then analyzed and compared to previously collected data points warehoused in the cloud.  An artificial intelligence system responds to the needs of the plants through the drip irrigation system, which can also be used as a delivery system for nutrients. 
SupPlant’s GBI system is being utilized in 40 markets with 31 different crops on six continents, with each system guided by an experienced agronomist specializing in the relevant crop and in contact with the grower throughout the season. 

Simply Natural Farms CEO Addresses UN Sustainability Conference