Simply Natural Harvest, another company with the Panama Exporta label

The main program of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), Panama Exporta, is a showcase for many Panamanian companies seeking an opportunity in international markets, and Simply Natural Harvest, is no exception, because thanks to this initiative, they exposed their products at the last Fruit Logistics Fair Berlin 2018, which took place in Germany.

This company, which is dedicated to the export of fruits, had the opportunity to offer its products to companies in Germany, France, Holland and Norway, with a remarkable acceptance. Some of the products exported by this company are: banana, mango, lemon, avocado and banana. While, in Panama, it has the only operation at the local level with USDA organic certification for export and fruit market.

Some of the features that this company has in its favor, is that it is strategically positioned to supply the local market, allowing to deliver fresh products in less than 24 hours to supermarkets, restaurants and organic stores.

In addition, of all the advantages, Simply Natural Harvest, has farm operations, packaging and export in places like Peru and Mexico, which allows them to have product availability throughout the year.