Panamá América: Panamanian fruits conquer other markets

In the three days of Fruit Logística, a roadmap was defined that will lead to the success of the exportation of national fruits.

One of the most coveted export fruits of Panama is the banana, which delighted the European market after its participation in the most important global fruit and vegetable trade fair “Fruit Logistica” in Berlin, Germany, under the Coobana company, which finalized the export of 25 to 30 weekly containers of the item to Algeria and / or Ukraine. This business closure for the Panamanian company, represents the sale of USD 18.000 per container and more than USD 540.000 weekly, marking a milestone in income of this fruit to n

ew horizons, said the head of the Agribusiness Unit of the Ministry of Agricultural Development, José Aníbal Rincón. The Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) indicated through a statement that the 12 agricultural export companies from Panama present in this important event that was visited by more than 77,000 professionals with decision-making power, held on average between 5 and 10 business meetings in the 3 days of fair, and to date they keep in touch with international buyers from countries such as Germany, Poland, Italy, Georgia, Turkey, Algeria, Ukraine, Holland, England, Lithuania, Croatia, Russia, Andorra, Dubai, Israel, Oman, Japan and South Korea; to close their sales. The company APSECU (watermelons) managed to close 20 containers at $ 7,500 per container which represents USD 150.000 weekly.

Tropical Fruit (pineapple) negotiated with its client in Switzerland, from 2 to 4 pallets. They are Fair Trade. Verba Odrec (pineapples) achieved new agreements for the shipment of the fruit by plane to Germany, Poland, Georgia, Turkey. Panamanian pumpkin arrives in the United States under the Panama Expor

ta stamp.

Simply Natural Harvest is shipping 2 mango test pallets to England and the USA to finalize the negotiations. In the three days of Fruit Logística it was possible to define a road map that will lead to success the export of national fruits to new niche markets, where sales had never been made before. The country brand Panama Exports, is a project launched during September 2017 between the Ministry of Agricultural Development and the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, which has already promoted exports of papayas, squash, pineapples, cobia and promptly, our great fruit diversity.