News Article – FreshPlaza : A Panamanian fruit export company makes its way in China

A Panamanian company signed a memorandum of understanding with one of the largest fruit importers in China and is making its way into the Asian market, stated the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama.

The Panamanian company Simply Natural Harvest, signed an agreement with a Chinese importer on the second day of the first China International Import Expo 2018 (CIIE), which is attended by a Panamanian delegation presided by the president of the country, Juan Carlos Varela.

The agricultural entity stressed that this export company, which recently inaugurated the largest nursery in Central America and exports organic products, such as bananas, mango, lemon, and avocado through the Panama Export program to different countries, such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Norway, was now opening its way to export its products to China.

Panama Exporta is a program promoted by the Panamanian Government through the Ministries of Agricultural Development and Trade and Industry.

The Panamanian Minister of Agricultural Development, Eduardo Enrique Carles, recently announced the opening of a commercial office of the Panama Exporta program in Shanghai, China, which will increase the possibilities of exporting Panamanian products to that market, according to official information.

Panama is present at the China International Import Expo with 25 companies and two pavilions, one in which the country showcases it logistics platform and another one were the exporting companies and agro-industrial products are presented.

Phytosanitary experts from China recently visited pineapple export plants in the western Panamanian province of Chiriqui, on the border with Costa Rica, to visit the production areas and meet exporters.

China is the second largest trading partner of Panama, after the United States, the second most important user of the Panama Canal, and the main supplier of the Colon Free Zone, the country’s main free trade zone.

Panama recognized the one China policy and established diplomatic ties with Beijing in June 2017, to the detriment of Taiwan.