Investing Money In Panama

With the primaries nearing an end and the 2016 elections coming up quick you are probably thinking about the economy. Though the U.S. is in recovery, it is never a bad idea to explore options for investment. In fact, it may be time to look in to international investment to keep your money safe.

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The advantages of international investment are numerous, so much so that investment powerhouses such as Charles Schwab have recommended that up to 25% of your investment portfolio should be international.

Lets take a closer look at some key benefits:

Diversity in your investments. The first advantage of international investing is somewhat close to home. It lends diversity to your portfolio which could translate in to an increase of security. Changing up currency in your investments also adds another layer of diversity in your investments.

Taking advantage of lesser known, but growing economies. Emerging markets are a big deal for investors. Looking abroad you can find fertile business fields and trends that have not yet taken off but are looking up. These “emerging Markets” are full of opportunity for the experienced or novice investor.

Asset protection. International investment offers opportunities for protection of your assets. Ease of title transfer for certain types of investments and properties is another benefit. Though the cost of investment is usually a bit higher, you can sometimes avoid certain taxes by a diverse international portfolio. Higher rates of return. Some areas of the glob are establishing themselves as we speak. This offers a big rate of return for certain global areas. Riding the wave of emerging markets can lead to big returns on your investment. A diverse, protected, portfolio with a relatively high rate of return certainly sounds good.

But how does Panama fit in to the picture? The US Department of State has rated Panama as a very good candidate for international investment. There are so many aspects of Panama that give it this position. It uses the dollar, which reduces the currency layer of diversity but adds ease of investment. It has a large and well established financial sector. It has the consistent international business brought in by the canal, and recent expansion thereof. Not to mention, the real estate is ridiculously beautiful and in-demand. Besides the benefits to your wallet, investing in a place like Panama can enrich your life. It can bring in a new phase of your life, one with you as an expat

So take a look at investing internationally, and take an even closer look at Panama. There is no better time than right now!


Evie Brooks – Panama Vacation Realty – I’ve been a real estate investor for over 23 years, both in Panama and the United States. I have also been a real estate investor-trainer and educator with the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki organization. No matter what is drawing you to this amazing country — if you have an interest in owning real estate, retiring, investing, or becoming an expat — I can help you every step of the way!

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