5 Coffee Shops in Panama You Need to Visit

As you may or may not know, Panama’s first Starbucks was recently opened to much fanfare and excitement. For such an iconic brand to set up shop in this beautiful country is surely a sign of much more to come. Of course, it’s in no way the ONLY place to get coffee. Panama is home to some of the most rare and delicious blends imaginable. Before the gorgeous green siren lures you in, here are 5 coffee shops in Panama that you have check out!

Té Café


The old rivalry continues – tea vs. coffee has long been debated. Most friends who get together have to sacrifice one for the other. Elaborate tea shops serve no coffee and proper coffee shops normally skimp on the tea. Fortunately, Té Café bridges the gap and serves up premium tea and coffee. Featuring blends from all around the world, this cafe sets a relaxed and unpretentious vibe that encourages varied taste palates.

Té Café

street level PH Marina Plaza, Vía Israel, Panamá, Panama



If you’re feeling a bit peckish but would still like to indulge in a blend of coffee like no other, look no further than Unido. Unido opened its primary location in Panama City only one year ago. In that time they’ve gone on to open various other popular locations! Aside from their many blends of coffee, Unido offers a tasty array of sandwiches, light salads and even a full breakfast menu. Don’t miss it!


Le Mare, planta baja, Panama`

Casa Sucre Coffeehouse


We’ve talked about how lovely and quaint and absolutely essential Casco Viejo is for expats and visitors alike. If that somehow didn’t convince you, Casa Sucre Coffeehouse definitely will! Casco Viejo’s charm shines in this quaint coffee house from cobblestone walls to full linen furniture to, of course, locally grown coffee, you’ll feel all the charms of a completely different world. Stay in with a cup and have a conversation with the locals or take a cup to go and contemplate history. Either way you want it, you simply can’t go wrong at Casa Sucre Coffeehouse.

New York Bagel Cafe


Don’t let theme fool you! This is far from a yuppie tourist destination. While you won’t find the exotic and hearty blends that you’ll find at the other cafes on this list, you’ll find perks like endless mugs, varied meals, and a bohemian atmosphere unlike any other – after all, there’s a statue of Albert Einstein’s head just outside. The English name also helps draw in a wide array of expats making for an ideal social spot.

Plaza Einstein, El Cangrejo, Panamá City, Panamá

Bajareque Coffee House



And finally we come to the epicenter of coffee cool. Located in Casco Viejo, Bareque Coffee House boasts all the rustic, old world charm you’ve come to expect in this quaint town. Their methods are old fashioned and their coffee is all locally sourced, premium grade and award winning. When you visit, you simply must try the world-renowned Geisha-Coffee.

Do you have any go-to coffee spots? Be sure to share yours below!


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