10 Things To Do In Panama

Whether youve just landed in Panama for a new life or visiting to get a feel for the place, you may be wondering what there is to do here. A new city can seem very overwhelming and can leave you feeling disoriented or at the very least a little bored. Today, were going to look at some of the top spots to visit in Panama City. Options range from the essential, touristy staples to some of the places the locals enjoy.


1) The Panama Canal


Lets kick off the list with one of the main things you heard about before you moved here. The Panama Canal is simply one of the most important accomplishments in Panamas history. It has given way to booming industries and has provided jobs for thousands upon thousands of people. Guests can visit the Miraflores Visitor Center where they can spend time in an interactive museum and viewing deck. The deck gives gorgeous views of the cruise and cargo ships and an inside look at how the Panama Canal works!


  1. Go to a Soccer Game!


If youre lucky enough to be here while theres soccer game going on, you simply have to check it out! Soccer (know here as futbol) is a national pastime. Even if youre not into the sport, its loads of fun and an essential part of Panamanian life that should definitely be experienced.


  1. Panama Viejo


Exploring the metropolitan city is always fun – but what about the more historic side of the city? Guests can check out Panama Viejo. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Panama Viejo gives guests a historic look at what Panama City once was and the principles the city was established on.


  1. The Artisan Markets


Whether you’re looking to snag some souvenirs for friends back home or looking for authentic, artisanal pieces, you can’t go wrong with the Mercado Artesanias de 5 De Mayo (The Artisan Market for short). You’ll find many artisanal markets out here but what sets this one apart is that it’s nowhere near as crowded or expensive as the markets in the more touristy parts of town.


  1. Casco Viejo


Looking for something a little more low key? Casco Viejo is definitely the place for you. Though its only a few minutes outside the Panama City center, it feels like a totally different world. Architecturally, Casco is a diverse mix of classic Spanish colonial buildings that are functioning apartments, hostels, hotels, bars, and much more. Its a gorgeous mix of old and new world sensibilities. There are even guided tours available for those who want to learn of Cascos rich and vibrant history. A short day trip out to Casco Viejo will both relax and enchant you!


  1. Indulge in Local Delicacies

If youre here in Panama, youre probably trying to escape some of the day-to-day foods that you find at home. If youre looking to shake things up, one of the best places to treat your palette  to a taste of local food is at the Mercado de Mariscos (The Fish Market). Get a taste of fresh caught, local fish and indulge in a tasty serving of Ceviche – one of Panama’s best delicacies.


  1. Taste the Best Coffee in the World


Do you absolutely love coffee? Well, lucky you! Panama is home to Geisha Coffee – a coffee which has been hailed by professional coffee connoisseurs as the best coffee in the world. And at over $170, theyre not lying. Of course, you wont have to drop that much for a taste. Head over to Bajareque Coffee House in Casco Viejo. There you can get a serving of Geisha Coffee for as little as $9 a cup.


  1. See the Local Arts


Located on the Amador Causeway in Panama City, Panama the BIOMUSEO is a biodiversity museum designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry. This colorful building features eight galleries that focus on Panamanian culture and its impact on the planets biodiversity. Its also a an intimate venue for the occasional one-off concert or show. Definitely a fascinating showcase for anyone even remotely interested in art.


  1. Take a Hike!


Literally! You know that scene in the movies: the happy couple goes on a long, picturesque hike until they find a fantastic view of the city. You can actually experience that by hiking at Parque Metropolitano (Metropolitan Park). Right at the edge of Panama City, guests will find a delightful nature reserve teeming with exotic birds and plants. Enjoy a brisk hike to the top where youll be treated to a stunning panoramic view of Panama City.


  1. Dance the Night Away


Panama City is a place that really knows how to party once the sun goes down. Guests can enjoy a drink at one of the many local bars, meet expats at some of the more touristynightclubs or join the locals at the discos that are peppered around town. Theres no wrong way to have a great night in  Panama City.


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