Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Henry James…What do these literary luminaries have in common? They were Expatriates. There has always been a romance around exploring the world. Seeing what else is out there. Expanding your horizons. It is a swell idea, hearkening back to a different time, one where the best artists of their generations explored the world looking for new muses.

What is an expatriate (expat)?

It is simple, it is one who leaves their country of origin to find a new home abroad. Those authors were part of a late 19th, early 20th century trend of expats. This famous class of expats started trends in literature and art. Some of the most popular places these expats were France and Spain. Others went to England or Germany. The most notable American expat, Ernest Hemingway, spent time in Europe (especially Spain) before moving south to Cuba. Today there are also famous artistic expatriates. Actors and singers spending their time abroad to restore their creative tanks and find inspiration in unique places. But there is also another new class of expats. These people aren’t necessarily eccentric artists, actors or authors– They are successful people looking for a new phase in life, a new adventure and a fresh start. Not to mention a safe stable place to watch their money grow. Many of these new expats have been taking a leaf from Hemingway’s book and heading south. This new trend of expats is heading to Panama.

In Panama you can find a little bit of something for everyone. You will experience white-sandy beaches, dense jungle, world-class scuba diving and outdoor recreation. If you’re not one for nature then you can also find excellent night-life and a lively cultural scene.

So it turns out that you don’t have to be writing the next great american novel to be an expat. You just have to be successful and looking for more out of life and retirement. Where will you find your expat Romance?


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