Why You Need To Know Where To Find The Best Restaurants In Panama

panama city restaurants

So, there are a lot of reasons to go to Panama. The good investment, the beautiful beaches, the world class scuba, the prospects of the economy and the romance of being an expat. But lets be real, if the food isn’t good, what’s the point? Luckily for you, the food is great. Whether it’s seafood, south American food, unique fusions or craft cocktails– in Panama you can find something for anyone.

Lets take a closer look at some of the best restaurants in Panama City.

1. La Vespa: La Vespa is chic and sleek. It is officially a hotspot in Panama City; and there you’ll find some of the best Italian food in central America.

2. Gaucho: Looking for a great steak? Look no further than Gauchos. Once you get past the understated exterior you’ll find that Gauchos offers excellent cuts perfectly seasoned. Not to mention generous portions of sides. Consistently ranked one of the best steakhouses in Panama City, Gauchos is a can’t miss for meat-eaters.

3. Veggie Moon: Switching gears here. Let’s say you need to break the meat sweats you got at Gaucho’s the night before–you might want to try Veggie Moon. There you will find tasty and healthful vegetarian fare (and some seafood). Veggie Moon is also very accommodating to foreigners. For a South-American twist on your veggies, look no further.

4. Cafe De Asis: This out of the way joint is a bit more of a local favorite compared to Veggie Moon. Cafe De Asis is frequented by the hippest of Panamanians; it’s menu is perfect for a late lunch and coffee pick-me-up. Just be sure to wear your “cool” jeans.

5. Trump Ocean Club: Local favorites and American politics aside, the Trump Ocean Club is a great place to eat. Internationally rated and offering gourmet cuisine, the Ocean Club is a good spot to vacation during your permanent vacation in Panama.

6. Restaurant Mercado Del Mariscos: Octopus, squid, shrimp etc. etc. From its perch atop the fish market you will find only the freshest of seafood at Mercado Del Mariscos.

7. Manolo Caracol: Feeling Adventurous? This is the spot. The trendy, fusion-y pre-fixe menu may not be for everyone, but the creative twist on traditional Tapas is certain to surprise. A great option for date night.

8. Herbana Panama: Hearkening back to another time, this all night music hall will make even the most dour of expats a salsa fan. The lively band and vibrant colors will get you moving. Herbana is great for after dinner dancing and cocktails, though they also serve food. Get moving at herbana’s

9. Tantalo Rooftop Bar: Rub elbows with the trendy young, old and in-between. This rooftop bar offers excellent cocktails; music that strikes a mood; and, of course, a breathtaking view of Panama City. Another date-night must.

10. Liza’s Kitchen: You may need to nurse your hangover after getting started at Tantalo and dancing until the wee hours of morning at Herbana. What better place to do that than the beach? Liza’s Kitchen is an international favorite for a beach-side lunch or brunch. The menu is straight-forward – sandwiches and salads – but executed exquisitely with vibe to match.

This list should keep your days and nights in Panama City busy for some time. Come back soon for a look at restaurants outside of Panama City.


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