The Greenhouse

What is the Simply Natural
Greenhouse Project?

We are talking about something unique in Central America; a greenhouse built on agricultural Israeli technology. The structure is designed to minimize rust damages and to ensure maximum natural ventilation. The Grennhouse incorporates a state-of-the-art irrigation system developed by SupPlant, which uses a net system that measures the amount of light each plant is receiving as well as how much water each bulb will get.

Following Simply Natural Farms´ high-standard practices matched with the best technology and experts, our goal is not only to produce the best-of-the-best plants in an efficient time frame, but to incorporate precise water measurement, utilize our ‘secret sauce’ organic bio-fertilizers, and integrate the finest organic pest control systems, all in a cost-effective way.

The Simply Natural Greenhouse is divided into 8 units, of which 5 units are dedicated to plant production and 3 units will be used for market study and produce production

SupPlant & the Irrigation System


Let’s talk about technology at its best for our plants.  During the past 4 years, SupPlant developed a unique artificial intelligence system that is able to analyze data generated from crops through sensors and translate this data into irrigation commands.  Using SupPlant algorithms, the irrigation system is fully automated and computerized.  To maximize water efficiencies, plants are equipped with 3 sensors which extract real time data every 10 minutes, that data is combined with an algorithm to adjust the precise watering need of each plant every 30 minutes.

There are three types of sensors

The Ground sensor: This sensor is placed in the ground and measures the soil moisture and content. 

The plant sensor: This sensor is placed on the plant. To understand how this sensor works, you first need to understand how a plant absorbs water.  As explained by Adolfo, our agronomic expert on the project, water always moves from high pressure to low pressure environment. “A plant is like a pipe that connects the water from the soil to the atmosphere.  It absorbs water and releases it in the form of gas during photosynthesis. To be able to go through this process, the roots actually need a soil that possesses a balance between oxygen and water.  The texture of the soil will also influence the speed of the water going through the plant.  The speed of the water and the capacity of absorption of the plant will cause the plant to expand and contract.”  This contraction and expansion is what is measured by these plant sensors.

The Climate sensor: This sensor measures the climatic and environmental condition inside the greenhouse such as humidity, radiation level (the amount of sun the plants are receiving) and temperature.

All of these efficiencies are happening all day, every day and really changing the dynamic of our industry.  We are thrilled to be implementing these kind of cutting-edge technologies in our operations.