It´s Dry out there

Located just minutes away from our Los Olivos project, our Guzman venture is about 7km north off of the same road.  Here you can find our green, luscious and aromatic Organic Lime plantations.  The farm is located within what is known as the Arco Seco (the Dry Arc) of Panama, which just happens to be an area ideal for Organic agriculture because it receives much less rain than the rest of the country, while having an abundance of rivers and aquafers.

Smart Disruption

At Simply Natural Farms, we seek to continue the same vision and respect towards nature as those that here came before us, adding the use of modern technology to better understand it.


A lime tree rarely grows over 5 meters (16 feet). Its branches spread and are irregular, with small thorns.  But before seeing it, you will most definitely smell it.

Did you know?

In 2016, the total word production of limes was 17.6 million tons.  Now that´s a lot of limes!