SN Giving

That warm and tingly feeling

We started The Organic Child Foundation to extend our values in learning and teaching.  Whether it’s sports, horticulture or discipline, the foundation creates unique experiences for the children and young adults in the community that are in close proximity to the Simply Natural Farms.  The foundation focuses on providing funding and creating a variety of programs.

Considered the most popular sport in the world with 4 billion fans worldwide, the “Escuela de Futbol De Nata” Program is considered one of the most comprehensive soccer programs in Coclé, which is where the Simply Natural Los Olivos Finca is located.  The program creates a recreational and educational space where children of different ages, religions and ethnic backgrounds can participate and learn about sports, health, and life lessons.  It is offered every Saturday all year long for 3-hour sessions.  The program has professional teachers, psychologists, and sports coaches who not only teach the game of soccer, but motivational and life lessons along the way.   

The Team Spirit

Children´s Spirit

The team spirit that children acquire through the program, helps teach how to overcome and/or eliminate social and political differences.  The program emphasizes the technical education of soccer, building strong values through sports. Studies have shown that children who play soccer are known to become more receptive and communicative.  This is a program that teaches teamwork and discipline.  The program instills the importance of playing by the rules of sports and how carrying over these same disciplines to their social life will benefit their future. 

Fútbol matches for the children are set up with other schools and teams in other cities.  This year, the oldest in age and talent are taken to practice with Panama´s national professional league.  Currently, the program has 70 participants from ages 5 to 17 years old and has seen an uptick in female participation with 15 girls enrolled this year.  


Simply Natural attends several of the “Convivios” which means friendly games in Penonomé throughout the year, and enthusiastically awaits the final game in December to cheer on the hard work and dedication of all who participate.  The Organic Child Foundation is honored to contribute to the lives of the children of Coclé and Panama. 

“We are not only looking to grow our own company but to do our part in giving back to our communities how we can.”

The Program

Social Responsibility manager, Verónica Rocha, says “We are involved with such a great group of diverse people and entities.  Whether it’s with schools and universities or foundations and ministries, it’s important for us as a company to recognize we have been given an opportunity to help others.  We embrace and encourage it because it´s the right thing to do.  It just feels good too.  One of my favorite activities is to organize the yearly  Christmas events for four schools in the region.  We bring gifts, food and excitement.  The expressions on the children’s faces and the energy of gratitude felt are priceless.”

Simply Natural Horticulture Program

We are in the midst of preparing a must attend multi-tier seminar for all of our soccer program participants, which teach horticulture, agriculture, farm life, and soil science.  At the end of the program, each participant will earn a Simply Natural Certificate of Completion for their newly found knowledge.