News Article – La Estrella de Panama : Exporters achieve sales projections of more than $ 30 million in China​

The exporting companies of Panama that participated in the recent International Exposition of Imports of China in the city of Shanghai, achieved sales projections of over 30 million dollars as a result of more than 200 business appointments with Chinese buyers, together with the 1,300 new contacts for businesses, mostly buyers with high potential for purchases of Panamanian products in the future, who visited the Panama Export business stand.​

The Exhibition was held from November 5 to 10, with the participation of 23 Panamanian exporters who joined this trade mission organized in partnership between the Ministries of Commerce and Industries (MICI) and Agricultural Development (MIDA), and the Association Panamanian Exporters (APEX), under the Panama Exporta brand.​
This mission was led by the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, who inaugurated the Panama Exporta stand at the Fair and held talks with Panamanian exporters, congratulating them on their vision of entering the Chinese market, with China being the second largest economy in the world , the largest importer and consumer in the world.​
The Minister of Commerce and Industries, Augusto Arosemena, pointed out that we are currently working with exporters to certify the plants by the Chinese authorities and important advances are made in the protocols for the certification of all fresh and processed products, for what will soon be able to make these sales projections effective. He also indicated that in the negotiations of the trade agreement with China, we are looking for the greatest preferential benefits for Panamanian export products.​
“We are pleased by the participation in this fair that has brought us positive results and opens the doors for the acceptance of Panamanian products in the Chinese market, so we will continue to promote our exports in future events and trade missions,” he said.​
Arosemena stressed that within the framework of the Fair, the delegation of Panamanian companies had the opportunity to take advantage of the sales, promotion and marketing tool in front of the large Chinese market, as well as a team of interpreters to facilitate appointments with Chinese buyers.​

The MICI also organized visits to supermarket chains such as City Shop (of Premium stratum), Carrefour (middle stratum) and Aucham (normal stratum) for companies to know the market, labeling, competencies and consumer products and countries that They are already in the Chinese market. All the businessmen were left with the contact information of the managers and managers of the supermarkets.​

The participants received trainings before the fair, as a discussion on the Exposition of Imports of China, a Forum about how to export to China, both sponsored by the Export Directorate of the MICI in collaboration with MIDA, APEX and the Trade Union of Industrialists of Panama ( SIP).​

Within the framework of the Fair, Panamanian exporters also closed marketing agreements to enter the Chinese market:​

The company PANAMA ORGANICS, S.A. (Simply Natural Harvest) signed a memorandum of understanding with one of the largest fruit importers in China in order to export about 100 containers per year of mango and banana as a fixed program.​

The company H. TZANETATOS, S.A. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese company Anhui (chaohu) Imported Food Industrial Park for the placement of its products in the Chinese market, specifically placing the variety of its products in the AUCHIN province free zone, to display and promote them and get clients for 3 years for free.​

Productos Lux S.A., PROLUXA, exporting company of agroindustrial products and Atlantis Products, exporter of products such as chicken legs, signed cooperation agreements with Shanghai Hua Shen Import and Export Company to act as agent in the Chinese market.​

The company Primero Cuarenta Group, exporter of pineapples, closed an agreement of intention of purchase with the Chinese company Shanghai Hua Shen Import and Export Company for 500,000 dollars.​